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First time founder

About Anthony

Here to find any business to start as a cofounder.

I come from the tech world (IT).
I do not see myself as an expert in such or such field (within IT) since I am used to work on the whole aspects of any IT project (simple UI/UX design, system admin (servers), app development, networks and telecoms admin).
I also have some skills in team and project management.

I am currently working on a few ideas and I probably will need help for the marketing and development part.
I have already done a quote for a medical app.
This is my most advanced project for now.
And I have two or three other ideas to develop.

I am also open to join an existing project.

Why I would like to create my startup to:
* Run my own company
* Care about my employees and my customers
* Have a positive impact on the world

(I you ever wondered: I do not aim at becoming rich. ;) Oh, and if you have selected "Expert" in more than three fields, please, do not get in touch ^^ )

- I speak French, English, Spanish -