Anthony Todd

Detroit, Michigan, US

Founder CuteCars App, blockchain enthusiast
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Business Development
Product Management
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About Anthony

I am a serial entrepreneur, living in Antigua and Barbuda. My current project is the CuteCars progressive web application. We are close to testing and I expect to beta launch in March, 2018. The app has some great features like elastic search, swipe technology, maps, videos, comments, direct call and chat messaging. The app is an advertising platform for cars for sale, cars for rent, rideshare and commercial driver services.

I believe in creating a superior product and we will improve the app by implementing AI chatbots and voice assistants in 2018. I have recently become extremely interested in blockchain, smart contracts and DApps. We will look to raise funds with an ICO in mid 2018, but may also take pre-seed funding. Currently the venture is self-funded and much of the work is done by myself or contracted out.

I am interested in building the CuteCars HQ in Ann Arbor, MI, by mid 2018. I need a Creative Director (marketing), Technology Director (CTO), and a Blockchain Director (Financial Director). All will be equity partners, with salaries. ICO bonus will apply if successful. Because of the blockchain skills set shortage I will consider the blockchain team to be located in Ontario, Canada. However all other partners must be from the Greater Detroit area. Positions will be full time by mid to late 2018. Partners must have relevant degrees and experience.

There is a lot to show you and a lot going on with the launch. Please make contact if you feel you are qualified and in the right location.

Thank you.