Antoine Valot

Geneva, Switzerland

I craft experiences that empower and delight.
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Product Management
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About Antoine

I have tremendous depth and breadth in design and development, and twenty years experience passionately building great user experiences. I've provided strategic product re-definition and vision for multiple startups, as well as helped Fortune 500 companies with groundbreaking enterprise UX. I specialize in discovering radically simple and elegant solutions to seemingly irreducible problems.

I discovered the web in 1994 on a NeXT computer, using the very first public release of by Tim Berners-Lee. This was before Mosaic. I was already involved in a college startup that leveraged NeXTStep software and its great internet tools (like NeXTMail, an early version of email with attachments) to provide design services to clients as far removed as Jakarta, Indonesia. I taught myself HTML (there wasn't much to it then) and was building websites as a freelancer within a few weeks.

I dropped out of college to go work in Washington, D.C. as a "Webmaster" for NetworkMCI, the networking subsidiary of a major telco. My manager was looking for good tech acquisitions, so I helped him discover major technologies as they were born: FutureSplash, which would be bought by Macromedia and renamed "Flash" the next year. Streaming video technology (no audio), at the time a JPG hack run by a geek in his Silicon Valley home, whom we came to visit and consider buying out. We talked with the inventors of a fractal image compression algorithm... those were heady days!

I discovered digital photography, and web programming, at first using Perl and shell scripts. I learned SQL and good database design. I also learned that designers are often just asked to put lipstick on a pig: To gussy the appearance of badly designed systems. I got tired of that, and decided that if the software others were building was too awful, I better ante up and build it myself.

I returned to Colorado as a freelancer for a while, and built websites from front to back, top to bottom. I then took on senior web developer positions with USA.NET, then with TeleTech, architecting, designing, coding and maintaining their Flash-based corporate websites. I was successful as a developer, but I quickly came to realize that I was still not in a position to really design good software. Up the value chain again I went, becoming a business analyst, information architect, and product strategist, at first in enterprise consulting, then in startup consulting.

For the last five years, I've helped startups and large companies completely rethink their user experience, tighten their focus, energize their brand and delight their users. I finally have the breadth and depth needed to create truly visionary innovation. I know how to create software and service experiences that go beyond best practices to uncover new behaviors, new needs, new potential. I'm at the top of my craft.

I want to own or co-own a product, and make it insanely great, make it passionately desired, make it a blessing to those who buy it. Ready?


Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. - Steve Jobs