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I am currently working on 2 projects they are in different stages of development, one is in prototype stage and involves education, social networking and ecommerce and the other project is in concept stage and involves financing. The first company is in the prototype stage, has a functional website that is almost done and is simply in need of marketing. The second project is in concept stage and I need a competent partner who can bring multiple assets to the table including if possible financing.
A little about me, I am 30 years old, I have started several businesses in the past most of which where successful, the ones that failed, did so because my partner did not do his job and I simply did not have the time or experience to make up for his work. I've been an entrepreneur since college and have primarily focused on real estate and online sales and marketing. I would consider myself an expert in both. I am currently a real estate agent in NYC but because of the nature of my job I am able to dedicate plenty of time to growing and managing the online business.
to get an idea of what you will be working on you can check out the website right now:
keep in mind this is still a work in progress and this is the site that you will be working on. if you are interested in working with me, best way to reach me is by phone:


Long Island University

BS, Management

2005 - 2005