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Anton Smirnov

Programming, Marketing

Moscow, Russia


Age Group


About Anton

There is one American co-founder in this project already. And we are Inviting the full-time and the part-time co-founders.
Looking for the North-American based co-founders. Offering the significant stake in the Fin-IoT project(B2B targeted to North-American market. The newly born, emerging niche), which is quite promising, has a traction, has an MVP 90%-ready. You get the 30 % for being a capable CMO or CTO. Get 5% for being a suitable, accountable North-American based co-founder-advisor (encourage you to diversify your portfolio and to join us by spending just a few hours a week). Get 20% for helping(coding) to complete the MVP from 90% to 100 % readiness.

Also, I'm open to join others projects as a matter of partnership (you join mine - I join yours).


. - .


I love to code and I love to sell.

Work Experience

IoT developer

Unitedthings Inc.

December 2014 - January 0

Developing all 3 main parts of IoT systems : 1.Cloud-based back-end part. 2. Mobile apps. 3.On-device apps on embedded Linux.