Anudeep Ayyagari

Hyderabad, India

Anudeep's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Anudeep

I am a passionate Entrepreneur. Whatever I do and whatever I think, I always look at bringing a solid change. My education, my experience and my start-ups directly reflect what I am.
Few prominent things which you can look at:

? During my study at BITS Pilani Hyderabad, I topped the courses which I loved and scored just average what I didn’t like. For example, I loved the course Engineering graphics. I had devised my own techniques in approaching the subject in a very different manner. Having appreciated my talent, the course incharge had given opportunity to take lectures for over 300 students every semester right from my first year upto my final year.

? I joined a startup Expertshub in its early stages, while I was in BITS. It conducts educational programs across various colleges. When Expertshub was facing tough time getting student customers for one of its programs, I devised and implemented a strategy which had given mind blowing results. In a matter of half a month I could bring 1200 applicants for the program out of which only 300 were restricted to join.

? In my final year, I was randomly allotted to a software testing role at Polycom Hyd for an internship (Which I had no interest in!). I had networked managerial people at the company and showcased my profile in business development. (Unfortunately India branch had no biz dev roles!) On weekends, I directed, acted and edited few product videos for Polycom’s IP phones. The work was appreciated right upto the CMO level at the company headquarters that today these videos are still live on Polycom’s official youtube channel.

I am not a person who tries to get everything right at the first attempt! I experiment new strategies, fail hard and derive intense learning from these failures. And thus, these inspirations are what lead me to act passionately yet thoughtfully on bringing a solid change.

And yes! I am proud to fail, fast to learn and passionate to win.
And thus, I am an entrepreneur!