New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Araby

Graduated from the Stern School of Business, worked in Investment Banking at a bulge bracket bank here in NYC, nonprofit management experience (specifically head of Ops). I have management consulting experience at a massive retail startup here in NYC and startup music studio/label in Brooklyn. I also have experience founding a retail ecom t-shirt business a couple of years ago and have designed a website (with outside help), worked on all product ops, production and deployment as well as a gazillion other aspects all part of a startup. My IQ is in top 1% and part of Mensa and Intertel clubs. I'm a fun, hard-working young ex-athlete who is looking to leverage my skills and experience to be part of the future and collaborate with talented, passionate and innovative people to create something amazing!

(N.B. I'm currently working right now hence the cartoon image, but very open and willing to talk if you want to talk. Thanks!)