Arash Sabet

Business Development

Toronto, Canada


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Arash

We have built and rolled out a platform to provide IT Consultants a transparent marketplace to land their next opportunities. Our solution helps businesses cut unnecessary costs of engaging IT consultants by introducing an efficient process at an affordable price. It also lets consultants position themselves in the market by providing them the necessary insight to the competition shaped up around job opportunities.

We know what it takes to land the next job and what the challenges are. We are seeing how consultants are "screened" by staffing agencies. We also keep hearing about pushing candidates' rates down, lack of transparency, miscommunication and so many other problems that frustrate consultants. We are witnessing how companies are not saving their own money by paying 20% to 30% fees, $25 per hour margin just for the very same consultant who can be brought on board directly.

We are here to address these issues by providing a tool to help IT consultants standout in the market. We give them the necessary insight to their competition to position themselves. We help them search and find their next opportunity based on their competency, knowledge and interest. We also let consultants see where they are when it comes to their applied roles! All at absolutely no cost.

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