Ardis Jackson

Sunnyvale, California, US

Ardis's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ardis

My name is Ardis Jackson and I am trying to build the next company of silicon valley that like Apple. Will take innovation to the next level. My company is all about changing lives through our products and inspiring people from around the world is our goal. The company whole name is the ARDIS JACKSON COMPANY and the first product and business part will be. The JACKSON TV our web television product and platform that sure to change the game in web television. I am excited about what we have planned for this company the great character IP and potential Patents and creativity will stand us apart. I plan to not sell out and we will truly change the world for i am looking for a technical person. Who either a programmer or developer specifically in building apps and have a little of animation experience for our web product right now. I am willing to offer a huge stake in our company for their services. And would love to have them aboard as a business partner for I am open to suggestions. And anyone have a desire to use their technical skills to a better level and passion I am looking for you.