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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Desparately Seeking Cofounder

I am a financial and investment analyst (CFA) with strong endeavor for entrepreneurship.

I have more than 6 years of professional experience in financial industry.

I am specially interested in FinTech sector.

Established first online customized shoe making and designing platform in Bangladesh. You can check it here-

Currently working to develop a Peer-to-Peer leftover currency exchange system. The idea is all about a problem billions of travelers face every-time they go for a foreign trip. It's a unique solution that will help to solve leftover currency problem of travelers all over the world. It’s at the high fidelity prototyping, MVP development and earlier lead generation stage currently. The work is going on really fast.

I am searching for two to three strong and competent cofounders who can act as CTO and who can lead for marketing and fundraising. I am sincerely seeking for partner, friend, adviser, guru who will complete me, who can be my shoulder to get this project off the ground, who is a challenge taker, a risk taker, who has gut and talent to nail it. Geographical dispersion will not be a problem as if we really want to bust it, geographical distance should not be a problem in today's world. In fact the scale of the project demands diversified talent. If needed I will be at your location for discussion, I will relocate, I will learn your language, I will do whatever it takes. Getting thing done is what matters.

FYPTO is a FinTech idea and just like other FinTechs it will try to fill the gap of a niche where traditional institutions are inefficient. It's a FinTech concept which has real potential to reach to global scale. Albeit it's a Peer-to-Peer leftover currency exchange App for travelers. The smartest solution for the pesky foreign small coins and notes. You can have the full idea here-

From the vibe you can get the idea that I am serious about my project. Get it done is all that matters to me. I am urgently seeking for my co founders. I am planning to incorporate FYPTO very shortly in Delaware, USA. Better if I can make a synergy with my team members before that.

Any of your suggestion, advice, appreciation will be highly valuable and enriching experience for me. I really look froward to hear from you.

Please feel free contact me anytime at- or

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The first thing to establish that something is possible, then probability will occur. - Elon Musk

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LankaBangla Investments Ltd.

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