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Arlington Heights, Illinois, US

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About Igor

About 4yrs ago, I built a niche product for then emerging cloud platform from Microsoft - Windows Azure, that provided monitoring and dynamic scaling (elasticity) to Azure resources. It is a SAAS, pay-for-use business model.

Fast forward to now, business has a number of paying customers and is profitable, however, I am in a niche that has plateaued as I am finding myself often competing against Microsoft's, now free, monitoring and dynamic scaling product.

Since summer, myself and an off-shore team that I've hired, have been working on a NEW product, in a similar space, but that is designed to monitor and automatically heal/fix production issues with cloud and premise IT infrastructure resources (ie: servers, databases, websites, etc).

I am looking to distance this new product from previous Azure-specific product and target a wider audience. I feel that in the last 4 years, I've heard enough of requests, suggestions, complaints, and pain from customers to know how to go about a V2 of the product that's much more flexible, powerful, and in demand.

I'm getting to the final stages of completion of the first iteration of the product. Would love to NOT take it to the market alone, like I did with my previous product.

I'm not looking for a 50/50 co-founder, but rather a super dedicated, vested first employee/advisor with superb skill in SEO, marketing, sales... a hustler... someone who can find creative ways to bring users into the fold, build rapport with them and to get them to not only buy the product, but to also evangelize it.

My users are mostly IT managers in small/medium/large corporations

Note: I'm not really looking for someone who is also running a bunch of other startups at the same time, but rather someone who can commit to this endeveour near-full time in the beginning and 100% full time once things get going. Someone who has energy and drive, who wants to be a part of something really useful for the IT industry

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BS Math & Comp Sci

- 1998


MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer