Aron D

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Aron's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Aron

I started my own ecommerce company in 2008, first year did 1M in sales, second year 2M in sales, and ran it for 6 years. After year 3 the gross revenue didn't increase as much but we increased our gross margins and optimized the business. I never really made it too a 'huge' company and I decided to stay in my lane and be happy. It was a really well run small business but didn't have the attributes to become a business that could scale. I learned a ton running the business and but decided I could go no further and sold it in 2013. Now I am looking for something 'big' where I can create a 50M or 100M+ business. I think you have to dream big and just go for it but obviously you need a plan first. In my last company I did whatever it took such as web design, sales, marketing, customer support, vendor relations, management payments/chargebacks, socia media, I did whatever it took. I'm confident my business skills are transferable and I can apply this to many ventures. I'm very focused on the customer and bringing 'the money' in the door. It really comes down to making your customer happy and making sure your margins are big enough to make sure the business can operate for the long haul. I have all my P+L statements and records to show my previous business revenues and margins.