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Hello Co-founders,
I have been in the design industry for a while now.
I (Mr. Idiot) had started my brand "Idiot Theory" ( two years back. We have een doing good so far. We are planning to expand the company and reach a wider customers. As our concept and idea has been a hit with a lot of customers and investors. So we are looking for a Co-founder who will be taking care of the business side that I had been taking care of till date. So that I can focus on the creative and innovation side of the Brand.
About Idiot Theory:
Every Idiotic Theory has an idiot vouching for it. Ha! what an Idiot! Well, Little do we know, Idiot is Genius! How idiotic must have the caveman looked rubbing two stones together, or how idiotic did Shakespeare’s verses sound initially. Surely, Newton must look like quite an Idiot to sit under the apple tree. Well, Idiocracy Is the mother of all great inventions. The Idiots are proud to present our very own Idiot Theory. We are a product based brand, and we celebrate every day idiots. From the chaiwallahs, to the rickshawallahs, to our very own, very celebrated corrupt politicians or even YOU! There is something for everyone! Watch this website for our T-Shirts, Jackets, Shorts, Kurtis, Bags, Jewelry, Mobile cover, Scarves, Notepads etc. Idiot Theory also Designs garments for movies.
We are vouching to be one of the comic line company in future.

Idiot Theory only welcomes an Idiot with great passion.


Raffles Design Institute

Bachelor in Design

2011 - 2011