Arshdeep Singh

Toronto, Canada

Arshdeep's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Arshdeep

Hard working & Innovative, never short of Ideas, good at product & process & calm fearless troubleshooter.

Working in sustainable food/Health Food industry for last 14 years.
Sourced & supplied organic raw ingredients & formulated products (mostly spices/Herbs/Herbal) to Europe & Canada.

At present based in New Delhi, India
Currently working on my own brand of Organic/Natural range of products
for use in Culinary, Therapeutic & Cosmetic fields

Product is ready (specialized/Exotic category) , Sourcing contract signed (for raw Ingredients ), Brand Design/logo ready, Inner packaging ready, Outer packaging layout in process, Website development in process
Indigenous product development process - tested & perfected ( fit for patent )
Made selective sales to China & Europe - Initial response is good.

Looking to establish base, with eligible/compatible co-founder, in Ontario or BC region of CANADA.
I have traveled to CANADA several times since 2011.

Would like to sell in Canada, USA, Europe & China from base in CANADA.

Thanks for reading & Good Luck in your search to find the best for you. Cheers !!!!!