Arslan Abbasi

Lahore, Pakistan

Arslan's Skills
Launch Of New Products
Launching Start-ups
Product Segmentation
BTL Activations
Offset Printing
Advertising Management
Display Advertising
Broadcast Advertising
Advertising and Promotion
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Distribution
Third Party Vendor Management
Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Business Development
Product Management

About Arslan

Currently i am looking after 4 successful Start-ups in Profit. After a 3 years of Market Search, Planning, Finding Pros n Cons,I am going to launch a new start-up, which will initially have following Wings:

Creatives , Web & Apps Developments
Branding, Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Challenges for Next 3 Years :

63 new Start-ups, Approx 10 new Websites (Initially), 7 Apps , 20-25 Different Services Providers & Manufacturing Outsourcing. I have many friends in Web development with different latest skills & techniques but they all are dead busy at different organisations, They all are only available for any type of technical mentoring & advises. I need a full time Co-Founder to look after the IT Projects. I have complete road maps for every thing.

Ultimate Objective:

1-Engage the Maximum Youth with our Start-ups & make our Apps, websites & Services the most demanding one.
2-To participate in 2020 Dubai Exhibition as a most successful company of the Region.

No one can predict a success rate exactly as it depends upon good plan, good passionate team and obviously a good idea. Very hard working will increase the success ratio but i am confident 100% that i am going to make new trends Globally.