Arsyi Rizqun Fatah

Surabaya, Indonesia

Co-founder for 3 running company
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First time founder

About Arsyi Rizqun

Hi nice to meet you all

My name Arsyi, and currently I am running 3 company, 2 startup and 1 establish retail company,
. And I also helping few startups company to set up their company from 0 to stable, as "co-founder" and member of board advisor or just helping friends :)
And I also in progress to build my own company.

I am a simple minded person who tried to be Creative by learning from others.
Some success some fail but I believe "Never give up to realize my dream and do Action" is the key to success.

I have a great passion for #Business, #Startup, #Entrepreneurship, #Tech, #Game, #Apps, #Cryptocurrency, #VR and #Automotive.

So please don't hesitate to reach me here or by mail if you need some help,
And don't worry most of it I do for free. :) coz I believe sharing is caring :)

And actually i am looking for team member,
There are no special requirement for who i looking for, perhaps someone that really want to build a startup from the scratch
and did not hesitate to argue me, even though this project is already working in progress but the possibility to pivoting still there.

If you have Designer background, business background, or Tech background and interested to join as Co-Founder please let me know.



Lets do our best, enjoy the process and No Regrets - Arsyi Fatah


Founder Institute - Malaysia Penang Chapter