Artem Boytsov

Redwood City, California, US

Artem's Skills
Product Management

About Artem

I spent over 6 years at Google where I co-authored Google Trends and led its engineering team, and was a Product Manager on Image Search among other things. I have experience in data mining and machine learning, product management, leadership and quite a few programming languages from C to Clojure.

For the last several months, I've been working on building a company in data mining + consumer internet space. The details are not for public consumption, but it's based on an ambitious idea with the ultimate goal to change the way we make consumer decisions.

I am looking for an extremely talented UX designer, who would own not just the look & feel, but user workflow and product features with me. Someone who can generate ideas as well as make them beautiful. Who understands the technology to know what's possible and always tried to make users happy. Someone brilliant who can wear many hats and learn about sibling disciplines very fast.

I am looking for engineers, too. Data engineers, frontend engineers, backend engineers, and of course, generalists. I don't believe engineers have to specialize. A great mind is great at a lot of things.