Artem Golub

New York, New York, US

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Product Management
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Business Development

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About Artem

I am a developer with around 12 years of experience working in various industries and with different technology stacks. I started off low-level in C/C++, moved up to middle layer and worked on servers primarily focusing on automation and deployment of various projects. Then worked my way into the front-end of web and mobile. Spent a good amount of time developing enterprise/business focused products, and a few years working closely with UI/UX design teams. Recently have been developing smart bots and working with a ML implementations. I have about 6 years of managing decentralized development teams around projects large and small.

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I am interested in discussing and exploring projects in the field of robotics, AI, big data, supply chain, embedded software, etc...

IMPORTANT!!!! ==> I spend a lot of time outside of the US nowadays, with usually bi-monthly flights into NY for a few weeks. No, I will not consider relocating back to NY permanently for the sake of working on a project.


Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless. - Thomas Edison

Work Experience

Sr. Manager of Software Development


December 2013 - Today

Product prototyping, user research, UI/UX research, enterprise integration strategy, enterprise UI/UX and design pattern adoption strategy and execution. Basically conducting a ton of technical research, and leading teams to develop B2B and B2C prototypes of new offerings, distribute, collect data, test & repeat.


Baruch College - CUNY

BA, Computer Science minor

2002 - 2006


Machine Learning (CS 229) Stanford

Stanford University

Co-working Space

WeWork Tel Aviv

2015 - 2017