Artem Moiseev

Moscow, Russia


About Artem

I think it's interesting to develop something you really believe in. If I think that the project gain people who interested in it, if I receive feedback (good or bad) I'm ready to push myself to work harder to make project become better.

But I'm really lack of management and marketing skills. I'm familiar with AdWords and IT stuff, but I don't know how to make user to get to my website. How to create business from website. And I think working in startup could give me this skills.

I don't just stay on the side of the road, waiting for the miracle. I'm developing several channels and try to promote it. Try to reach audience and get feedback. I'm reading books about business strategy, but I think books and your own projects can't replace experience in working in real startup and learning from cofounders and colleagues.


MATI - Russian State Technological University named after K.E.Tsiolkovsky

Master in Computer Science.

2015 - 2015