Arturo Guerrero

San Francisco, California, US

Arturo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Arturo

Well im an aeronautical engineer, i consider myself as a business guy, i also consider myself a technical person, because i also know how to code in javascript, ruby on rails, html, and css. I'm looking for a technical CoFounder with the following skills:
-Good iOS developer
-Have keen eye in ui implementation
-Good sense of design(photoshop or illustrator)
-Strong in Html,Css and javascript
I also want to say i don't need a monkey coder, i want to find a good partner in order to develop the product, and success in this business. I'm willing to help you with the coding, and desing, the only problem is that i dont know how to start or from where to start. I also want to say i have been accepted to an accelerator program with some initial funding 25k, so all im asking is a good partner by now.