Arun Manickam

London, United Kingdom

Arun's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Arun


I am looking for an advisor / CTO and a co- founder to take my business to the next level. I am the founder fo Huntable.

It started with my personal experience both as a job seeker and as an employer. The struggle which people go through looking for the right opportunity and employers finding he right talent, even though, they both seem to exist well with the community, it seems that you can never connect both easily and effectively.

Hence, I created Huntable.

Huntable is a networking platform where people can create an advanced profile, network with other people and companies and search for jobs from across the world. It's an open platform, a bit like twitter - where you can follow anyone or any company you are interested.

We revolutionised the job search, actually we call it, End of job search. We reverse engineered the job search process.
Instead of people looking for jobs, now, jobs go looking for people. You just say what you want and where you like to work. That's all. Jobs will come running to you like magic.

We have big plans and want to change the way people network, search for jobs, hire people.
Our dream is to have 2 billion profiles in our platform, and we are working on a technology which can achieve that.

We are looking for a great advisor, mentor, co-founder and CTO to take us to the next stage.

With 12 million live jobs from across the world, we are already one of the top job search engines in the world. With just 4 weeks into launching, we are already ranking in google page 1 for more than 50,000 keywords, driving 96% organic traffic to our site.

We need help to grow and we want to work with professionals who can share our dreams and make our dream come true.

look forward to hearing from you.

You can reach me anytime on skype : chefarun