Arun Prakash Raman

Bengaluru, India

Arun Prakash's Skills
Product Management

About Arun Prakash

Need a Technical Co-founder.
Should be a Technology expertise in

HTML 4 & 5
CSS 2 & 3
PHP server side
Session & Cookies
Bootstrap For UI.

The important roles and responsibilities will be, Website Architect (Who can handle front-end, backend, various technologies mentioned in list, can setup scalable servers, separate the concerns, and take care of performance and scaling of the site)

Should be responsible for all the technical activity of product and he will be in role of taking decisions for using new tools, technologies and etc to upgrade the product to be more efficient in performance and in all aspects.

Should be willing to work, lead and guide the developers technically. In common we are looking for a passionate person who can dream beyond imagination, should not limit himself and break the barriers to get his dream achieved.

Eagerly waiting for a talented and enthusiastic guy to join us to travel a long distance, Journey will be very interesting, thrilling and the known fact not a easy one. You got to pull up yourselves to face any challenge or hurdle.