Arundhati Balachandran

Bengaluru, India

Arundhati's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Arundhati

I am an analytics and consulting professional. Based on personal and close friends' experiences, I felt the Indian matrimony industry needs to adapt to the changing needs of today's urban culture. I found that it was becoming increasingly difficult for a person to find a partner through existing generic matrimony sites since these sites match people based on astrology and religion with very little emphasis on compatibility. This discovery led me to quit my corporate job and start my own matchmaking services company. Urban Tryst is a 1.5 year old startup that is set to redefine the way people search for a partner by bringing compatibility to the forefront with a personal touch. I am looking for a tech co-founder with both technical skills and the drive needed to take ownership of building a product. I am specifically looking for someone that is self-driven, accountable and can run the show on his own from a technical standpoint.