Arvind Paul

Maywood, California, US

Fractional CTO / Full-Stack Architect
Arvind's Skills
Product Management

About Arvind

+ Designed a social media-based mobile app that enables health care conversations between patients, their friends, family and trusted healthcare providers. First presented at Health 2.0’s Fall 2014 Conference in the Patient-Provider Communication forum, the app went on to garner the top prize at Dorland Health's 2015 CaseInPoint Platinum Awards.
+ Finalist at Health Datapalooza 2014's Code-a-Palooza with a data-driven mobile app that predictively empowers patients to shop for a healthcare provider or service. The app curates CMS data with private data sources, while tying in social media.
+ Wowed to win Innovation Challenge 2014 at Medecision with a mobile gaming concept targeted at health-conscious financially independent adults, allowing employers, payers, retailers or providers to administer and track a community-based health challenge.
+ Architect and technical lead at Unlimited Innovations Inc. through the successful exit of their healthcare product, working with investment bankers on management presentations and due diligence efforts.
+ Finalist and Winner in 2006 and 2008 at the HiMSS Microsoft Healthcare User Group Innovation Awards with CERECONS, a breakthrough SaaS-based care-coordination platform.

Work Experience

Co-founder & Principal


April 2015 - December 2016