Ashay Brahmbhatt

Boulder, Colorado, US

Ashay's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ashay

I’m an entrepreneurial visionary with over 15 years of business and sales experience with a high volume of repeat and referral clients. With an an instinctive feel for people and situations, I excel in customer and workforce interactions. I am someone who excels at coming up with new ideas and solving problems by viewing things from unseen angles and I produce successful outcomes by inspiring calm confidence in others as I move projects forward. I have demonstrated that I have an eye for accuracy, quality, creativity, common sense and risk management.

I'm looking for someone with technical expertise to take my idea to prototype stage to start pitching to Angel's & VC's. One recent Tech Stars Developer said I should pursue my idea fast. I also have access to a VP at Facebook, & Apple whom I plan to pitch my idea to get on board as an adviser and or investor which will make raising cash easier.

My idea solves a problem almost all of us experience. I look forward to hearing from you!!