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Bengaluru, India

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I'm Asher, my life has been a series of twists and turns. Starting from my childhood exposed to a crude family business, a much needed refining that commenced from college days in Bangalore till the post-grad phase in UK, finally a fulfilling start up experience - a result of me gatecrashing Commonfloor. Yes, I did that and got that job. Life experiences and learnings earned from all these have allowed me to take a leap of faith today to start up by myself!

I was fortunate enough to meet up few like minded people tired of considering corporate job options and try their best with own initiatives. Presently, Ravi and Sumit are doing their 2nd year PGP at IIM-Ahmedabad, Shubham at NITIE, Mumbai and myself in Bangalore. Its been 4-5 months that we're all sitting in remote locations and working on this idea. I'm proudly presenting the co-founders of Localer, a mobile platform connecting businesses and users better by valuing true loyalty and trusted recommendations.

No ship will sail well without the right set of people in it. Building a solution together need right minds and bodies. We don't have this combination from a technical perspective who can develop the product we ought to launch. We are looking out for someone who is strong willed and confident on learning new things without the parachute of a monthly salary, most importantly share that ethos with us to build Localer together.

It does not matter if he/she experienced or not, based in the city where we are living or not, a girl or a guy.

Find out more about us:

Ravi Kiran- CPO, Co- CEO
Asher Ali- CMO, Co- CEO
Sumit Kumar - CFO and Chief of Analytics
Shubham Mehrotra- COO

?You? - CTO


University of Leeds

MSc. Management and Marketing

2015 - 2015