Ashley Malone

San Francisco, California, US

Ashley's Skills
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Ashley

I want to build software that helps people be better. No, not helps them shop better or market better or chat better. Not one that helps them get to inbox 0 or finds someone to do all their laundry for them. I want to build something that helps people actually become better people.

By better, I mean kinder, and more compassionate. More empathetic towards others. More patient. And more fulfilled.

I care about personal development, and this product would initially target like-minded people to help them be more pointed about their own development. But I think everyone has something they want to be better at — if not a mindset or behavior, certainly a skill or talent that can help them reach a goal.

I'd like my co-founder to be someone that cares about this as well. I pulled together a prototype because I can design, but I'd really like to collaborate on building the real thing out. I want this to be a true partnership, which is why it's so crucial that that person be invested in the motivation behind this venture.

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Georgetown University

BS, Marketing

2015 - 2015