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Cleveland, Ohio, US

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About Ashley

I am an architectural designer in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been working on a plan to implement a socially responsible project in our city. I hope this platform will be the correct catalyst to receive your financial assistance for the development of this organization. I am hoping and planning (and hoping) to start a not-for-profit. The idea has been forming for almost a decade now and it is time to start moving the plan forward to see how possible it is as it stands and what needs to be changed to bring it to fruition, as there will inevitably be changes as more minds start to contribute. That is to say I am hoping more minds will be willing and want to contribute.

There is a perfect place to house this non-profit. It just needs a lot of renovating. I have spoken with a city official as it is land that belongs to the City of Cleveland. They are hopeful that if I provide and execute all of the planning, something can be worked out to make the space available to this cause. I know I have the tools to create a successful project. Do you see a reality in this dream? Is this something that you would be willing to advise me on? There is power in numbers and I am trying to gather as much insight and people with shared interests as possible to make this a functioning reality.

The following low preliminary budget is to complete the first step of starting the conversation within the community. Initially, I will need the support of neighborhood community development groups. The outline below will allow me a solid three months to produce schematic architectural plans to present to the neighborhood organizations, potential investors, and to other organizations with a shared goal.

Project Development:
Advising Services 4,000
Board Member Recruitment 1,000
Grant Writing 2,000
Presentation Preparation 2,000
Presentation Time 1,000

TOTAL 10,000


Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war. - Maria Montessori


Kent State University

Architectural Studies

2007 - 2010