Ashley Martis

Toronto, Canada

Ashley's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Ashley

I am very diverse being a business guy and an programmer. I am a recent graduate from an esteemed Business School in Canada, Schulich and am looking to meet people and start a company with. I have been working in the start up industry for the past 3 years helping various startups. My specialty lies on the business side, I have experience and a great talent for taking smart ideas and pairing them with smart revenue models. I also have talent is structuring organizations to prepare them for financing, and have a lot of capital connections in Canada. I also am a killer salesman, and have awards before for effective speaking in front of crowds. I also have experience in marketing and have lots of business partnership connections.

On the programming side I have taught myself in Web, Mobile, and have taken courses in Algorithm programming. I am not proficient, but intermediate in this facet and for this reason I am looking for a person with a complementary skillset.

I am looking for an individual who is motivated to start something massive in scale, who thinks globally and not locally. Someone who is like myself young and motivated to take on the world and create a truly unique innovative company. For me one idea, or product isn't important its about the team and building a company like google that will look to innovate in ways other haven't.


Schulich School of Business

BBA - Marketing & Entrepreneurship

2013 - 2013