Ashley Schlaifer

Los Angeles, California, US

Ashley's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ashley

I currently have an Investor Deck and a screen shot demo. I have many connections with investors and already have interest from several to invest. I need a working prototype to continue discussions and would like to accelerate the process of building a prototype to get out to beta.

I am seeking a technical co-founder with mobile and web development experience. Passion and tenacity are essential. I am a practiced problem solver with a vision for what consumers want and need. I'm a team leader, tireless. Focused on getting things done rather than just talking about them. Very well connected in the LA/SF/NYC tech world. Good eye for design, great negotiator, very open minded. Spent the last seven years in the entertainment industry building films end-to-end in the $20-$100 million dollar space. Looking to apply my knowledge and skill sets built in the film sphere to a social discovery platform that is looking to disrupt the current model and provide positive impact to people's lives.

Creating the right team is crucial in my opinion and I want to find a CTO who not only is a rockstar at developing web and mobile platforms (iOS etc), but also one that fits in an ideological sense. I'm also potentially open to joining someone who already has an idea. Most importantly, I'm looking to find a lasting partnership with someone that shares the same vision.