Ashten Mott

San Diego, California, US

Ashten's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ashten

Hello fellow Co-Founders, I hope you are doing wonderful today.

Let's start off with my experience:
To start, I am a very experienced media buyer currently running large amounts of volume for multiple clients. There is a lot of cash-flow coming in from these ventures, however they are strictly cash-flow only businesses. Selling things on the internet is not hard for me, as long as there is a demand and healthy competition. The reason I want competition is because it is has a proven market that is actively spending money, I always look for scalable products/services!

My main goal with CoFoundersLab:
I ultimately want to join in Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. The main reason I want to help scale a business in this model is because I really enjoy the real value software tools create for people and the experience/simplicity it delivers. I would like to team up with a rockstar developer that is passionate about his product.

If you would like to reach me and go ahead and add me on Skype!

My Skype ID is: ashten.mott

Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon!