ashu jain

Red Bank, New Jersey, US

Founder @Ongo Energy Spray, x Athlete, x Retailer, x leadership Olympic Athletes' Committee
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Hi! I'm a first-time "founder" but a many-time "saver" of business. I consider myself to be business and operations savvy, having done that for the past 15 years of my life. I took over a home furnishings retail operation that was failing, and through the recession, had year over year growth. Ultimately our operation was awarded "Retailer of the Year" and recognized in "40 under 40" in the Home Furnishings industry.
Last year, I exited the business to start Ongo Energy, what I hope to be bigger than "5-hour energy." Check out - the most efficient energy supplement ever. 3 sprays = 1 energy drink. It's "instant energy. anytime. anywhere."
I also have a ton of governance experience within the Olympic umbrella, having served as chair of anti-doping panel for the USOC, leadership of US Olympic Athletes' Committee, and board member of USA Table Tennis. I competed in the Olympic sport of Table Tennis, being the first ever Indian-born to represent the US in any Olympic Sport. I did not go to the Olympics, however, only World Championships. I have numerous Junior Olympic Gold medals, junior and collegiate national titles, and finished top 5 and top 4 in 2001 and 2002 to make it onto the Men's national team.
What's interesting is that all my positions above, and what made me good at them, was that I am passionate about...everything. If I do it, I take a deep dive, and don't come out unless if I've succeeded. I am not a conventional thinker, however highly strategic. I look to solve problems, and I yearn for challenges. Perhaps my best skill is to put myself into the shoes of others, look at their perspective - and that made me a great marketer, a merchandiser, and an adviser.
My formal education is in Engineering Physics with emphasis on Math and Mechanical Engineering from the U of Michigan, AA. Go Blue!


Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. - Voltaire


University of Michigan, College of Engineering

Engineering Physics, M.E

1997 - 2002


Blockchain Strategy Programme

Said Business School, University of Oxford