Ashwin Jeyakumar

Seattle, Washington, US

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About Ashwin

The opportunity: The way we pick craft beer and wine at restaurants is broken. We stare at impossibly huge lists, and have to pick a drink in 5 minutes or less. I've prototyped an innovative solution to the problem: restaurants are willing to pay for it, but the problem goes deeper than just the restaurant: there's a whole value chain to support all the way to the brewery/winery. Join me as we understand the beer/wine/restaurant space and build a compelling set of products.

I am an experienced software developer. Worked at Microsoft for 8.5 years. Saw the birth of Windows Phone and worked on everything from network drivers to phone UI. Described by my colleagues as a "no boundaries" guy when I drive for solutions. My last gig was developing the Bing search experience on Windows Phone as a Senior SDET. I left on very good terms because I feel the market timing for this idea is right.

I am good at inspiring people, and excel at initiatives where there is no clear path to success. Apart from programming, I'm really good at selling to people. I've frequently rallied people around a project and driven it to completion. My insights wheel colors are yellow/red.

I need a logic driven, detail oriented person as a cofounder. You should have experience as a program/product manager: your skill set includes creating metrics for business success and driving them. You should have some programming skill too though, I plan to bootstrap until we prove the idea more thoroughly so we will have to do any programming work ourselves. Your insights wheel colors are ideally blue/red.


Virginia Tech

Master in Computer Science.

2004 - 2004

Anna University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2002 - 2002