Askia Bing

New York, New York, US

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Business Development

About Askia

Although I am at the very early stages of this startup I am 100% passionate about the vision I have, the platform to be built and the transformative nature of the technology we are going to create. I have over 15 years in biz dev, marketing (traditional & non-traditional), sales and operations management and I am looking to build a team of UI/UX Designers, programmers (front & back end), developers and others. My role in the company is to course and execute the strategic vision, long term goals, grow to scale and manage day-to-day operations of sales and marketing. I don't pretend to have tech skills but what I lack in tech knowledge I make up for in real work, applicable experience for over 20 years. I don't break under pressure...ever! I have managed teams of over 100 people and always maintained and retained respect for and from my team members.

Yourbeacons is premised on Apple's iBeacon technology introduced not long ago when iOS 7 was introduced. Beacon technology is one of the most disruptive technology's in recent years as it will break down the wall between small business and technology and allow small business to reach their target consumers based on the their proximity to their venue and products. It helps make sense of the digital world, in the physical space.

The ideal candidate will have passion, be fearless, be willing to become a stakeholder in the vision, be ready to learn, ready to work hard and be ready to become part of a team that creates the most successful platform ever! Resumes are nice and sometimes important but who a person is and what they are willing to do to be successful is of far more import to me than titles or skill sets. I am looking for talented, focused individuals who love what they do and want to change the world while doing it.