Assaf Kupfer

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Product Management
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First time founder

About Assaf

I'm an egger entrepreneur, I have passion with what I'm doing and creating, I already had 4 companies, a multimedia magazine, a media company, an interactive agency and an animation company, and I'm a visioner, I like to innovate and create products that solve a problem and are unique, I think that this vision of mine for this startup is a great product, one that millions will use eventually, Specifically I think I'm the right person to lead this startup since I know this industry well, I took part in its conventions, I bought and sold shows, I know the market, the business and the people in it, and I have a very good understanding their pain and a vision of how to fix it

As a CEO of my previous ventures I was involved in every aspect of the product from design and branding to marketing and code development. I was responsible for seeking out investors and raising funds for the company, which I did successfully. I was responsible for the budget and business plans, gave public speeches and presentations concerning the company, closed partnership deals with other companies, hired employees and managed the whole team. I was involved in every aspect of the company, such as making and implementing decisions, managing resources and prioritizing, deciding on the schedule and ensuring it was maintained. I was responsible for product management – designing the product, receiving feedback from users from all over the world (personal interviews, surveys and experience feedback), prioritizing the features, creating differentiation, analyzing the funnel and drawing conclusions.

I'm looking for a superstar tech co-founder, with experience in mobile and web development (***Candidates would have to sign an NDA***). The startup will offer a unique online service for a mass-market industry that is surprisingly not served yet. Potential is incredible and the vision is fun and exciting. The talented individual will join as co-founder and get equity at the first stage, good salary and terms after the initial round is raised. It's important to note that investors have already been approached and interest is easy to come by. On a more personal note: We are looking for a hands-on person, someone who really likes to create awesome products and is also capable of leading and motivating teams that work under them. It would be a plus to find someone who is customer friendly and aspires to create intuitiveness. Requirements: At least 3 years as the leading technological officer in a company that offers online services (or develops an online product). Proven skills in LAMP. JavaScript. Work with CDNs. Distributed Architecture. Linux clusters. Payment solution integration


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