Assif Versano

New York, New York, US

Assif's Skills
Product Management

About Assif

I am an entrepreneur and career CTO/architect with over a decade of experience building servers and apps for mobile, desktops and the web.

I started tinkering with computer hardware and software at the age of 13, learning programming by dissecting other people's code and eventually having those skills utilized by the Israeli Defense Force.

After spending some time teaching computer programming, I joined my first startup, Internative Solutions, where I designed and developed one of the first Java-based knowledge management system for the telecommunication industry.
Internative was acquired by Danshir Systems.

After Internative I moved to the United States and helped several customers including Prada, Valentino and Michael Kors, with their digital projects, until I was recruited away by Skisafe, a leader in the boat insurance business, to head the development of their online efforts, helping turn the company into a multi-million dollar business.

Recently, I joined Keepskor, where I am in charge of all the technology side of the organization. Responsibilities include end-to-end management of the development and operations of our technical infrastructure, which allows large brands to build mobile and social games without having to write a line of code.