Ataollah Etemadi

Austin, Texas, US

Founder and CEO at DivisionX Inc. Consultant, Fractional CTO, SaaS Specialist
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About Ataollah

The first 15 years or so of my career were dedicated to academic research. I obtained my doctorate in space science at the age of 24. I have been fortunate to work at ESA, NASA and IKI, and for many years I was the only space scientist to have worked on every mission to a comet. I was the software engineer on the Cluster and ISO missions. I spent many years analyzing spacecraft data-sets, and published a number well-known papers and software libraries in the field. I became interested in computer vision and AI. My papers in this field are also well-known and the code that I developed is still being used.

When the cluster mission exploded upon launch I left academia and I joined an online games company called Team17 where I developed "Profits Warning" a stock market game based on actual stock market data and news, sponsored by Reuters. I was recruited by LineOne a News Corp company. LineOne was an ISP and a publisher. I was in charge of publishing all News Corp online assets i.e. The Times, The Sunday Times, News of the World, The Sun etc. There I helped develop a game called Netroplois that had millions of users and catapulted LineOne from 10K to 400K subscribers in less than a year. The game is still running to this date. I was then recruited by Enron to manage their online trading platform. I left Enron to start my own business approximately 6 months before what are now historic events.

I started freelancing and my early clients were Sony, Axiom, and a number of financial institutions. I registered my company in 1998 to provide the best possible development and hosting solutions with the goal of helping SOHO and SME clients have access to the same powerful tools that huge corporations have. It became clear early on that software without integrated marketing was not going to be as successful. I started on my own and used my girl-friend's attic as my office. Within a year the company had grown to 16 employees and was growing fast and we branched off to games. Some of the software we developed then is still running and more user-friendly, faster, and more secure than similar solutions even 15+ years on. The sites we got to page one on Google for highly contested keywords back in 1998 have been there since.

Work Experience

IT Consultant, Fractional CTO, and SaaS specialist

DivisionX, Inc.

October 1998 - December 2016