Athanasios Ladopoulos

Oberrieden, Switzerland

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My first start up experience was my first sale at the age of 7 years old! It lasted just over a week! Parents were not that happy of me going around knocking doors selling dashboard polishing sprays that I bought from the local car parts shop! Ended up setting up RedBlue, Directors Dealings Fund, MYeTutor, and most recently MOOCTEAS, while having a career as Fund and Hedge Fund Manager, reaching Chief Investment Officer level. Love to create, I live to discover, I can not imagine myself without been a part of a dynamic company with brilliant minds.


Pushing your barriers and comfort zone is the way you grow to become a better person and must for success. - Myself

Work Experience



June 2015 - December 2017

We are the Airbnb for education offering tutoring that helps parents save time and money, and students excel in school. MYeTutor is developing a personalized tutoring market place. We are growing 30% month-on-month on the tutor and 16% on students. In 12 months, we will be the largest tutoring portal in Europe. Recently we signed an MOU with Maplesoft, the world’s largest math software company to produce math with us. The big idea behind MyeTutor is a learning platform that learns how students learn and then teaches them back in the way they learn best and fastest using Artificial Intelligence and top quality tutors. It places students at the top 10% of their class, reduces learning time by half, and save our customers – the parents - 70% of the total tutoring cost. This enables us to scale fast into a global market. Unlike alternative tutoring solutions that require higher tutoring fees while lack technology or completely lack human supervision we can offer parents convenience, a personalized solution tailor made to their children’s schooling needs, access to top quality tutors, and huge savings. Bottom line, MyeTutor saves money for parents, decreases learning time and places students at the top of their class. Does this sound like an interesting opportunity to you?”


MOOCTEAS - MOOC Teaching Assistants (TEAS)

March 2018 - Today

MOOCTEAS is a tutoring company for MOOC students. MOOCTEAS acts as market place with its own tutoring platform that enables Teaching Assistants (TEAS) to list and MOOC students than seek help to disocver TEAS and book an online tutoring session. MOOCTEAS helps MOOC students graduate and earn MOOC certificates.


South Bank University

MSC - Intelligent Management Systems - AI and Neural Networks

1992 - 1993

Georgia Tech

MSc Computer Science - Machine Learning

2018 - 2020


Please refer to my Linkedin Account

Please refer to my Linkedin account


FI - Founder Institute, Silicon Valley


Co-working Space

THEA - Athens

2015 - 2015