Atiria Paranihi

Perth, Australia

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About Atiria

An inspiring Early Childhood Teacher with a bachelors degree in Education I enjoy seeing the epiphany within a persons eyes when something finally clicks. Supporting fellow educators to create these moments in young children is even more rewarding.

Growing up with parents that owned and operated their own early learning centre, I saw the benefits of this business, which in turn has assisted me in developing a unique management and leadership style. Within 12 months of my current management position I have moved the centre from attaining the second lowest rating within the early learning sector to the second highest. This is a true attribute to my unique leadership style, business sense and ability. This business is financially rewarding and when I can create some great returns from the work I love to do that's even more rewarding.

Creating a company that can enter into the early childhood sector to provide the best possible outcomes for children at affordable prices is my goal.

I have big ideas that require small steps. Owning and operating my own service is first up then expanding that to several more with one in the heart of the city surrounded by nature to give city children experiences with nature and space. Creating a complex which is equipped with a early learning and adult learning centre, medical centre with services from GP to councillor's and as an attribute to my New Zealand culture, a vision I have is be the first to build and use a Marae here in Australia as an educational venue and tourist location. This would hit the news!