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Startup Experience

First time founder

About CJ

Business professional with a B.S. in Finance and 10 years experience providing risk advisory services. Excellent knowledge of process design and control, regulatory environment, and corporate governance. Experienced people manager. Able to provide a CFO / COO mindset to your start-up. Strong personal balance sheet with liquidity and access to credit.

Looking to identify a partner with a vision for a concept that they are passionate about but who may also need general business expertise (Accounting, Taxes, Marketing, Distribution Channels, Vendor Management, Growth / Expansion Strategy, Talent Management, Risk Management, Operations, Regulatory Compliance, etc.).

I also have an idea for a tablet based app for a specialty small business app store launched in 2014. I have no technical experience and would gladly partner with an experienced Android App developer.

Last but not least, I am interested in identifying partners to purchase an existing business with the ability to take it to to the next level. I am particularly interested in purchasing websites through or other means. I have the capital to purchase multiple websites. If you have the skills an expertise to run an eCommerce business, I would like to meet you.


Louisiana State University


2005 - 2005