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Product Manager, Designer

Atlanta, Georgia, US

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Business plan mapped out

Minimum viable product built

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Marketer Business Developer Engineer

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Sweat equity only

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Politics and Government Defense and Security Human Resources


Managing People
Product Management

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First time founder

About RJC

About Myself:
My background is primarily in homeland security consulting. However, my passion is science and technology. I'm the sort of person who has a workable amount of hands-off knowledge of a great deal of subjects. I blame it on my intense curiosity...which hasn't managed to kill me yet. It doesn't always make up for my lack of hands-on experience, but it has some advantages. Like an index in a book, I don't always know the right information to solve a problem, but I can tell you where to find it. Moreover, I can link topics and concepts in a way that makes for (I believe) novel and creative approaches and solutions.

I do have a partner. His experience is in the insurance industry and industrial engineering. He has strong quantitative and analytical skills, not to mention he is a hell of a soccer player!

The Enterprise:
We have a novel product idea that should be very easy to design and prototype. It is a home product that would hopefully be ultimately found in large home improvement stores. It has a simple housing, some simple electrical components, and should be fashionable from cheap materials. Those materials could include, according to specific stress requirements, ABS plastic or steel.

Character Traits:
Our priority is to find someone with a moderate or better knowledge of electrical engineering, specifically home electrical. If he or she knew how to model in 3D CAD software, that would be an added bonus. I am currently teaching myself Solidworks (and have access to a full version), so it may not be absolutely necessary to bring in an expert in this area.

Down the road, we will need someone who understands the intricacies of: 1) getting a product into large chain retailers, and/or 2) establishing licensing agreements with companies who might want to manufacture and sell the product themselves.

Just as important are a willingness and dedication to see this enterprise through, an ability to think creatively, a positive and optimistic attitude, and a down to earth personality. Beyond having the requisite skills...If I wouldn't want to be your friend, I wouldn't want to be your partner. Don't worry, I am easy going myself, and so is my current partner.

On a side note, I'd like to say that I hope to build something that both consumers and employees will love and care about. Not to get too off topic, but I've seen too many workplaces where employees didn't enjoy showing up to work. Whatever we create will have a major goal of employee satisfaction and fulfillment.

Thanks for reading!

Managing People
Product Management

Georgia Institute of Technology

International Relations

- 2006

University of North Georgia

Political Science / International Studies

- 2000


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