Tom Nims , Founder

Marketer, Business Developer

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Tom is looking for someone to join him/her

Business stage

Idea phase

Business plan mapped out

Minimum viable product built

Paying customers

Tom is looking for a founder who

Has expertise as

Engineer Programmer

Can commit to working

30 hours per week

Is able to invest

Sweat equity only

Relevant industries




Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Tom

I'm a successful entrepreneur who thrives on big ideas. I'm a husband, father, triathlete and still work 70+ hours a week...I love it!! 110 all the time!

I've partnered up with a great front-end firm who has built a complete developed mock-up of our site and have a good start on the back-end development (Rails).....It's a very robust site called HYPE... I do however want a "Technical Partner"- someone who is a brilliant web developer who can take ownership of completing, launching and then scaling our web application.

It's a big site and a big job! Audio, video, algorithms etc. Several others will need to be hired ASAP but I need my go to. I'll handle hiring, capital raising, marketing, biz dev, general ops etc...

Timing is critcal, as the space we play in is hot and continues to develop rapidly! We have a huge opportunity in front of us if we can launch soon! ***If you're a hot shot tech guy/gal, but not sure about marketing, sales, raising money and overall execution of launching a company, I'd like to connect with you! This will be a big year for someone... I'm just looking for that someone... (Put your other Billion dollar idea on ice for a year and join me...ideas are a dime a dozen- it's all about EXECUTION!)

Managing People
Product Management

University of Alabama

BS, Marketing

- 1989

Co-working Space

Atlanta Tech Village