Atmaram Gaonkar

Apex, North Carolina, US

Atmaram's Skills
Product Management

About Atmaram

* 18 years in Software development.
* Domain : Networking(TCP/IP), Quant Finance, internet, B2B.
* c++, linux, .net/C#, SQL, Android etc.
* I have One finished Quantitative trading product. My system is fully automated
algorithmic trading. The performance metrics can be shared with right partners.
You should have hedge fund management, fund raising, client management, compliance
management etc. experience.I will provide Quant + programming skill sets.
* Seeking a technology leadership role for the right software idea. I have a small virtual
programmers team.I can convert your business idea in to a prototype or Product in
minimum time. I provide the technical leadership.I cut your software development project
in to small cubes. Getting each cube developed from several right individuals and then
Fitting all pieces together myself.This process empowers me to cut down the
development time/cost for prototype/product drastically.
* I consider "Business Research" and "Monetization" to be the most important aspect
of Business plan. I prefer to see both of these aspect in details before writing a single line
of code.
* I am a 100% Hacker. You should be a Hustler. You should be capable of bringing in right
"contacts". And I don't mean 500+ social media contacts. Just few "Right contacts".
* Your or My location should not be a constraint for the right idea.


Bombay University

Electronics & Computer Technology

1990 - 1990


Microsoft Certified Developer .net/C#

Microsoft Certified Developer SQL