Atsuko Nishiguchi

Singapore, Singapore

I'm a strategic, creative thinker and problem solver looking for a complementary partner
Atsuko's Skills
User Experience
Product Management
Business Development

About Atsuko

I'm a UX specialist with strong product design experience across multiple disciplines. Right now, I'm predominantly focused on creation of solutions that engage the motivations and triggers of innate behaviour and cognitive process.

Another strong interest of mine is purposing technology to meet healthcare needs including patient support. Healthcare is a personal endeavour very close to the chest as I have a life-long neurological condition 'Myasthenia Gravis'.

I am currently working on a dating/social platform that aims to leverage the drivers of psychology. Such as the concept of time, scarcity/options, desire to be understood/validated for who you are, lowering barriers to self-introduction, curation of probes based on behaviour/values/triggers, gamified interaction, etc.

As far as product vision and execution go, skills and experience are standard variables. As a tech cofounder, you will have ownership over product build. In looking for the happy marriage with a second cofounder, one of the pre-requisites in order to drive and realise the solution is the possession of mutual aspiration. In this case, I'm looking for someone who is keenly curious and passionate about social psychology/behaviour in the sphere of human connections and vulnerabilities, and translating that into a digital solution. To help others forge meaningful bonds in a digital space where we can curate the environment of a dating app that influence behaviours from a cognitive level.

2 rounds of user research and low-fidelity wireframe testing has lead to a point where I'm looking for another individual to power up with - combining our skills, experience, insights, strengths, weaknesses and last but not least, curiosity and passion in understanding human desire and need for connections.

If this sounds like you, let's connect or shoot me an PM. I'm looking to relocate to SF.