Atul K

Singapore, Singapore

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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Atul

I have around 16 years of work experience with a lot of interest in the internet space. I have launched one start up in the education space focused on Asia and one for kid's activities. Both the start ups are Asia focused. I am currently based in Singapore, prior to which I have lived in the US for 8 years.

I am working on a new start-up which is based on mobile enabling the Recruitment process. The idea has a lot of potential given that there is a gap in this space and mobile apps are currently getting mind blogging valuations.

I am looking for a co-founder who is willing to put in effort to evangelize the idea with Recruiters of start -ups based in Singapore and get them to sign up for the app. Prior start-up experience preferred but not a must have.