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My name is Atul Pol(22).By qualification I am an Engineer, By profession I am an cyber security analyst and by heart I am Entrepreneur.I know I am pretty young and inexperienced but being brutally honest I feel I have an idea/concept which can solve a very grave problem in our country and give it a new front.I am looking forward to find a Web Developer(mobile developer would be plus) as a cofounder to my startup.I dont care about the formal qualification of the cofounder candidate I am looking for,just need a peron equally passionate(actually mad) to create something that would help and inspire people. My idea/concept is ready. Would love to meet you guys and discuss things in person. If you feel interested and have the qualities I am looking for,Dont hesitate contacting me on my email - atulppol2008@gmail[dot]com . So come on lets start a revolution :)