Atul Vaidya

London, United Kingdom

Atul's Skills
Product Management

About Atul

In theory I am the co-founder of jReply LLC - the company behind jResponse Designer - jResponse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating responsive HTML5/jQuery Mobile websites & webapps in the Cloud. In practice I pretty much run a one-man shop with some hired freelance help as and when required.

jResponse has been extensively beta tested and version 1 has now been released. I am here because I need to get one or two others on board to help out with things that I personally am not very good at - Marketing (with a capital M) springs to mind.

I am not bashful but I do not see a need to shout about my technical skills - just see what jResponse has to offer and judge for yourself. I haven't yet done 10% of all that I would like to do with jResponse and am far from running out of ideas. If you have skills that compliment my own let us get talking.

I am looking for people who

a. are dynamic and positive,
b. seek solutions rather than see problems
c. are not easily disheartened