Auja Little

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Auja's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Auja

I'm a UNC Charlotte student pursuing a BSBA in Finance. I'm creative, flexible, and looking to make a difference through socially responsible business. I have a few years of experience in branding and marketing and can manage both projects and people with no issue unifying a team towards a unique vision.

The focus of my company lies on building a business that puts its customers, employees, and community first and profit second. Our goal is to provide a service that fills two unique niches for both college students and community members. My desire is to grow a model that achieves enough success to expand to other major cities across the United States.

I'm looking for a co-founder who preferably has experience with raising funding and reaching out to customers, however I'm open to working with someone who holds enough passion and the right skill set to pursue these things! That co-founder would have to be interested in a social responsibility, as that is the core of the business.