Ausrine Kulviciute

Vilnius, Lithuania

Ausrine's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ausrine

SuperSafe is a personal safety application, designed to keep people safe wherever they go. This application helps in situations when you are walking home late or visiting dangerous districts and can save you from being assaulted or even killed.

When you feel unsafe you can't call the police, because there is no real danger and if there is, trying to get help can take a long time. This application solves these problems by providing an opportunity to inform that you feel unsafe and call out help just with one button click.

With a click of the button your selected contacts, the application users around you and professional security guards will see your exact location and will be able to help you. Also the application will constantly inform you on how to act in a dangerous situations, how to protect yourself and your loved ones.
We want to make our world safer and you can help us!

SuperSafe is not an early stage startup so you will not start from the early beginning.
We already have:
• Communication plan,
• Beta version of android application,
• Working android watch prototype,
• iPhone/iWatch early stage prototype,
• Web page
• 100 pre-orders.
• Potential investors, security companies who are necessary for integration of our service.

Before entering the market we need an android developer to develop mobile safety application further. We already have a beta version of android application but there are still a lot of left to do.

As our Co-Founder you will have the chance to be a part of this project. You will be able to gain a generous equity share. Fixed salary will be paid once the project starts generating revenue.

Experience in SECURITY is a benefit.