Austin Calvert

Wichita, Kansas, US

Austin's Skills
Product Management

About Austin

I have designed my own application, I am currently 19 years old. Im looking to continually build and finish the application, anything of advice, guidance and connections to investing and programming world would be excellent. I am based in Wichita Ks. Currently some of my connections (who I have had personal meetings with include) Brandon Shuey - founder of fliphound. Jonathan George - founder of Boxcar, and just released EvoMail. I have also lead a push to bring steve Wozniak to wichita to speak for the youth, I raised enough sponsorship interests and dollars to bring him here but the organization that was going to take him in and run the logistics of the event, had to turn him down as they could not line up the dates for Wozniak well enough. I have serious issue with failing, in other words I will sacrifice what ever it takes to make my dream a reality.